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Cherish Anne Billings


Cherish Anne Billings was born on June 26, 2003 in Wellington, Florida. She has an older sister, Rayne and a younger brother, Walker. In her free time Cherish likes to paint nails, watch YouTube and read ghost stories. When Cherish was 9 months she started a mommy and me gymnastics class. She loved watching Rayne do gymnastics and would try to copy whatever she did. By the time Cherish was 3 she was working on holding her handstands and had mastered her pull over on bar among many other things. She joined the firecracker class at Gold Coast Gymnastics.

After moving to Texas, Cherish eventually landed at Platinum Gymnastics Academy. She started competing level 4 in 2010. In 2011, she competed as a level 5 where she ended her season 2nd in the state on beam. This year she also joined the TOPS team at her gym and was very successful in her TOPS program. In summer of 2011 she went to her first TOPS camp at the ranch and scored first place on the physical abilities testing. She had a good first season of TOPS and made it on the TOPS B team. At her TOPS B camp in December 2011, she also scored first on her physical ability testing.

As soon as she was done with her level 5 season she quickly learned level 6 and competed it in January and February of 2012. She continued working on her TOPS skills and other advanced skills. She was looking to have a promising year of TOPS after passing her TOPS tests with almost perfect scores in every area. But as she was getting ready for the final TOPS test at the ranch she had a fracture in her hand which prevented her from being able to compete. She came back quickly though and managed to compete level 7. After a few weeks of competing level 7 in 2013 she quickly learned her level 8 skills and competed at a few meets of level 8.

In 2014 she competed as a level 9 gymnast for Acrotex Gymnastics. She had a great year with many 1st places on bars and beam. She also had an entire season with no falls on beam. She was 2nd at state on beam once again.

In the summer of 2015 Cherish started working on the HOPES team at Aerial Athletics. By January 2016 she was ready to test HOPES. Unfortunately, her parent's job required that she move to a gym back in the Austin area. This was a month before she was to test HOPES. Competition season had already started, since she had been focusing on HOPES routines they decided for her to compete level 9. This was a season of change, she was adjusting to a new gym along with new skills and new routines that changed throughout her season.

Cherish will be competing level 10 in her 2017 season and is also still working on many of her upgrades such as her flic-lay-lay and front tuck on beam, new dismounts on bars and more. Her dream is to attend a major Division 1 college and compete on their gymnastics team.