Things I am working on for next season

VAULT: Yerchenko Layout, Yerchenko Layout half, Yerchenko Tucked full

BARS: Blind Jeager, Bail to Handstand, Stalder, Blind-Full Doubleback

BEAM: Front aerial-beat jump-sissone, Backtuck-split jump, flic-lay, switch leap-sheep jump-tucked 3/4, Round off double full

FLOOR: Double-Pike, 2.5, Rudi, Front-Full Front, Switch-Ring Switch-Half, Front Double-Full

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Some of my Achievements at a Glance


  • The Begining

    Cherish started gymnastics in Mommy & Me classes at 9 months and took off from there.

  • TOPs Camps

    In summer of 2011 she went to her first TOPS camp at the ranch and scored first place on the physical abilities testing.

  • Compulsory

    Cherish began competing at level 4 in 2010. She moved quickly through the compulsary levels within a year.

  • Optionals

    In 2013, Cherish competed both Level 7 and Level 8 and competed her first Level 9 meet in January of 2014.

  • TranSition

    The 2016 season, was a season of Transition for Cherish. She had been working toward Elite testing when a move forced her to switch gyms. She was about a month away from her first HOPES qualifier at this time. After the gym change she compted her first level 9 meet of the season. This season was filled with transitions and changes. She still did very well even with these changes.

  • What's Next

    Cherish wants to continue to grow and advance her career and eventually compete in college for a major division one university.

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